(Com) Communication (Metta) Compassion

“Knowing how digital communications work is powerful & sharing that knowledge is something I take responsibly. We’re pro activists for social businesses & empower them to lead by example.”

- Natalie Riviere, Commetta Founder & CEO

Digital Brand Marketing for #BTheChange SMB's & Entrepreneurs

Operating out of Canada, the United States & Mexico, Commetta strives to make an impact by adding bright content to the media & consciousness to our economy. #Commetrics support SEO & Social Media Relations for your business reputation management & Content Web Design with Email Marketing helps you build lasting community relationships. We're here to help you #ShineOnline! Founder Natalie Riviere is also certified in teaching Yoga & Plant-Based Nutrition. She combines a passion for wellness with extensive experience in digital entrepreneurship.

Be the Change

Natalie was an early adopter of web and social-media marketing tools, several of her peers who own small-business in Montreal took note of her growing online influence & began asking for advice on how to better promote their own creative startups. Through these organic conversations, Natalie realized that everyone had a unique perspective & passion to offer & discovered the value of storytelling. She founded Commetta Inc. specifically to serve entrepreneurs & small businesses with big visions for a better world.

Be the Practice

At Commetta, we help the helpers. Our services are tailored to the needs of entrepreneurs who are dedicated to social causes like health, wellness, education, entrepreneurship, culture, & the environment. We offer consulting & training on digital tools that are affordable & sustainable for your team.

Be the Community

Commetta is a global team of digital nomads who are passionate about building a brighter world. We’re a hub for some of the best freelance marketing talent around the globe. Our contractors are experienced in SEO, graphic design, content strategy, social media, public relations & web copy. Half of Natalie’s heart is in Mexico & in Spanish, 'cometa' means comet. It’s no coincidence that we’re so connected to the metaphor of the night sky. We believe you can be a bright phenomenon, that every company has a message & we are honored to help yours shine its light.