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Build Your Communication Tools À La Carte.

No two stars occupy the exact same position within the universe, similarly your company’s place in digital space is distinct from any other.

Whether you need a new company logo, fresh website copy, new social media accounts, or insight to get further, Commetta’s Biznest Services set you up for inbound marketing. We respect your team’s current skills, resources & capacities, that’s why we offer our clients much more than just one-size-fits-all marketing packages.
We welcome you to browse through our list of à la carte services, which can be customized to individual or bundles arrangements. If you don’t see your specific needs addressed on this list, we encourage you to contact us to see what we can do.
We’re honored to help you shine online.
Biznest Services Include:

SEO Metadata Templates
Social Media Setups & Content Banks
Newsletter Template Design
Web Strategy, SiteMaps & Landing Pages
Commetrics Dashboards

SEO Keyword Research & Writing

When it comes to digital messaging, it’s not just what you say, but how you say it. With the DIY SEO Biznest Template, Commetta will coach you to research & write custom metadata for organic Search Engine Optimization that directly & strategically controls how your business appears in search results.

Social Media Setups & Content Banks

You have three seconds to make a first impression. Commetta’s Social Profile Design is 3-part and upgrades your brand's visuals, copy & posts. Most importantly, we’ll teach you the best social media practices that will help you focus on building relationships with potential clients & media contacts.

Email Marketing Templates

At Commetta, we respect the importance of the inbox. Your email newsletter is a crucial opportunity to connect & strengthen your relationship with your audience. We’ll help you maximize the potential of your contact lists & databases. Commetta talent designs & customizes a newsletter template with your business strategy in mind that simultaneously develops your corporate style & brand identity.

Website Strategy, Sitemaps & Growth Driven Design

Your website is your business home base, a window into your company’s offerings & credibility. Commetta can review your existing web presence & practices & identify opportunities you have yet to think of. Together, we’ll examine your visitor engagement, calls to action, landing pages, conversion goals, value propositions, client personas, SEO, site maps & navigation strategies. From there we'll design a website layout, conversion paths & content strategy that will optimize your resources for efficiency & impact. Take full advantage of your website’s potential as a powerful sales tool.

Commetrics Dashboards

Reach, impressions, views, recommendations - digital marketing metrics are designed to sound upbeat, trendy & desirable. We all want to be “liked” & “followed.” We all want others to “engage” with our messages. We all want to be “influencers” in our industries. Commetrics dashboards introduce a global understanding the data that indicates your brand’s online value & community, We aggregate your traffic across all digital platforms & help you interpret that traffic in ways that can direct how you adapt your website & messaging strategy to meet real demands in real time.


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