Instead of a microscope, we use a telescope.

By measuring your content performance over time, we can show you which elements of your message are working, as well as which elements we can help you improve. We blend our data-driven approach to content with a human-centric approach to interpret the numbers. We believe in sustainable, long-term growth in content performance, and the content strategies we build with our clients reflect this commitment.

The Commetrics Way

It can be difficult to make meaningful sense of the seemingly infinite number of metrics that digital marketing data offers to measure the performance of your content. Which metrics actually matter? What numbers can you disregard?

That’s where Commetta comes in: We don’t just measure success through a microscope that zooms in too far on the proprietary (and unpredictable) metrics systems provided by social-media companies. Why? Because those numbers favor content that serves the interest of social-media companies, often at the expense of your own.


Our approach to metrics is different.
It’s Commetrics.

Think of our data specialists as story astronomers, who chart subtle yet important movements of your brand’s message over time. At Commetta, our analytics revolve around your website, and we watch for patterns in your audience’s digital behavior. What messages are resonating well enough to guide people from your social-media feed to your product or service? And what happens to your visitors once they’re actually on your company’s website?

Instead of a quick fix based on a flashy graph, we offer a robust and nuanced perspective on your content, your platforms, and, most importantly, your audiences.

Lots of very talented digital marketers have built their careers on trying to explain the black-box of social-media metrics. But in our experience, this only leads to frustration when sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn move their measurement goal-posts without explanation — and send brands scrambling to change marketing direction without any clear path forward.




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