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FuckUp Nights

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Fuckup Nights

In 2012, a tight-knit group of entrepreneurs gathered in Mexico City to down more than a few rounds of mezcal & ended up realizing they all had made business mistakes. Out of that conversation about failure came an idea for success: Fuckup Nights, an event series now hosted in more than 315 cities in 86 countries.

Around the world, FUN attendees gather monthly to listen to three or four speakers talk about the companies, products & big ideas that didn’t make it. The point? To share best (& worst) practices for fellow entrepreneurs, to combat the stigma of failure, & most important of all, to encourage everyone with a dream to get up, dust off, & try again.

Commetta Founder & CEO Natalie Riviere divides her time between Commetta’s Montreal & Mexico offices, & in 2016 the FUN community nominated her to bring the event series to Montreal. “The nature of FUN events is universal & I was motivated by this movement to help unite the entrepreneurial community across our languages & corporate & educational supporting institutions,” she says.

To achieve this in Montreal, Natalie tapped into her network to recruit three experienced entrepreneurs to serve with her as FUN co-hosts:

Josh Miller is a partner at FL Fuller Landau & Pvisio by Fuller Landau. He also co-hosts the influential “Today’s Entrepreneur” radio show on CJAD 800 AM.

Louis-Felix Binette is a serial entrepreneur & co-founded CreativeMornings Montréal, a worldwide event series & community hub for creativity aficionados.

Vanessa Mueggler is the project director at Gestion Immobilière Quo Vadis Inc., an award-winning, multidisciplinary, mission-based real-estate developer that specializes in retrofitting historically relevant buildings into entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Are you in Montreal? Join Natalie & her fellow co-hosts at the next F.U.N. Montréal event!

“Our hashtag & philosophy for Montréal’s side of the story is #findtheFUN, as in finding the fun in failure. Connecting with the humor that comes when we understand the lessons & the humanity in that failure is universal, inevitable & part of this ever-changing life.” — Natalie Riviere

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