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This week we hope this finds you navigating the challenge of COVID-19 with the energy and ambition to look ahead. To know where we are going, it helps to understand our past and just how far we have come. For perspective watch TRIBAL, a new television series that travels to never before documented nomadic tribes and remote landscapes under the guidance of Dr. Guillaume Dulude, PhD in Neuropsychology.

Guillaume is the entrepreneur behind the Psycom method of communication, and every Tuesday at 7pm EST he takes the time to answer your questions LIVE. Join us tonight!

Wishing you reach your potential on behalf of the entire Commetta collective,

In his first TED talk: “How not to get eaten by a cannibal”, Dr. Guillaume Dulude PhD explains how specific behaviors, such as eye contact and split attention, can make or break relationships within the first few seconds of an interaction.
Watch how he tests his communication methods within nomadic tribes around the world in his new documentary series TRIBAL on TV5.


Dr. Guillaume Dulude, PhD in Neuropsychology, has been studying, practicing and teaching communication psychology, relationship skills and leadership development strategies for 15 years.
Anxiety, stress and panic is implicit when facing the challenge of COVID-19. Submit your questions to be answered LIVE weekly on Tuesday at 7pm EST.

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