TNKR – Media Moment of Peace

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TNKR – Media Moment of Peace

This moment of peace was brought to you by Commetta Communications and TNKR Media. Soothing sounds by Seratone.

“The media business, despite the occasional glamour, can be tough, stressful and hard on the body. During election campaigns in particular, journalists routinely work around the clock, from early morning announcements to evening rallies. I’m not in the trenches anymore but over the years, especially in between live broadcasts, I’ve found guided meditation (the secular kind, personally) to be incredibly helpful. It’s a secret weapon of sorts and maximizes your breaks, rare as they may be. You can calm down, drop your heart rate and increase your productivity in as little as a minute. Natalie is offering you a full six-minute guided meditation, written with reporters and content-miners in mind, to encourage self-care and perspective outside of the news cycle. Sounds cheesy? Try it once! The science of meditation is sound. Check out this sweet amygdala scan after exposure to emotional content, before and after regular meditation! It works. If you follow Natalie’s instructions, you will be calmer by the end, I promise. Good luck out there!”
– Dan Delmar, Managing Partner TNKR Media

“Play this recording whenever you need a media break.

Making good meaningful content means seeing the forest through the trees. Let’s take a moment and reconnect with the earth. Make sure you’re sitting down. Close your eyes and place one hand on your heart and one hand on your diaphragm. Notice the rhythm of your breath, and the movements in your body.

Cortisol levels rise whenever a screen is nearby, like any addictive substance cravings and emotions come in waves. How does the digital content you consume make you feel? Watch your thoughts, without any judgement, any craving or avoiding them, just notice where your mind is at.

There is so much noise on the internet, how do we know what is fake? Listen to your body. Let’s take a few conscious breaths. Inhale deeply for 3, 2, 1. Exhale completely, 3, 2, 1 and do 2 more on your own.

This offline time helps build on your connection with yourself. Reward yourself now with another conscious breath, and notice the sensations in your body. Notice your feet, ankles and calves, and slowly scan your body. Without any attachment you just want to pay attention to what you’re feeling. Any sensation like heat, coolness, tingling, your heart beat. Sit with yourself for a few moments now, simply watching.

Schedule technology breaks throughout your day. Take the time to notice your heart rate, reconnect to your breathing. What are you feeling? Noticing the sounds around you, the sensations inside you, come back to your breath.

With a hand on your diaphragm and a hand on your heart, this time just watch 3 breaths without any force. Notice where your mind is at, gather your thoughts and let’s set an intention for how you want to start again. You can release your hands and take one more deep breath.”
– Natalie Riviere, CEO Commetta Communications

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