Sandra & Jahaziel II Soriano


La crème de Cancun! Jaz and Sandra were among the very first members to join the collective and have been creatively designing WordPress and Shopify websites with Commetta for over 10 years and counting!

Jaz is a talented artist passionate about aesthetics, color combinations, and visual harmony. After completing a degree in Computer Science and gaining experience in the field, Jaz decided to venture into web design, allowing him to combine his creativity and technical knowledge. He installs, configures, and brings to life every website we are commissioned with as a work of art.

Sandra has an healthy obsession with order and structure and uses it to extract the best concepts and unique advantages from each of our clients’ products and services, taking content management to new heights. After completing a degree in Marketing and gaining years of experience as a Marketing lead with tourism service brands in Mexico, Sandra decided to build her own business with Jaz and specialize in Web Development. Her work involves structuring Search Engine Optimized copy and visual content to convey powerful value propositions that attract, and convert!