Restaurant Workers Relief by F.U.N. Montréal

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Cherished customers and community of changemakers,

In the hope of feeding your sense of community, this Thursday at 7pm EST, we invite you to gather in solidarity with local leaders from the food and beverage industry, FuckUp Nights Montréal and the Montreal Restaurant Workers Relief Fund, to raise funds for some of those who will not be returning to normal.

“Though many restaurant employees are eligible for and will eventually receive government aid, it is unclear when they will have access to these funds. Many kitchen and front-of-house staff are unable to meet their immediate financial obligations and require urgent relief. MRWRF encourages people to apply to EI and other government programs for lost income and funds needed for non-urgent matters such as rent and utility bills. They will be transferring money to restaurant workers in increments of $50, $100 or $150 based on applicants’ self-identified needs. The funds are not meant to be an income replacement, but are intended to contribute to workers’ immediate and urgent needs such as groceries and medication or other health and personal hygiene products.

The fund’s management team is made up of restaurant workers, McGill law students and non-profit experts who will take every measure to ensure funds are being distributed to those who need them. In the event that funds are left over from this crisis, they will be donated to Tablée des Chefs, an organization with the aim of feeding people in need and developing culinary education for youth.”

With gratitude for your generosity on behalf of the entire Commetta collective,


Jeudi!  Rejoignez-nous à 19h le 28 mai pour lever des fonds en solidarité avec Kaitlin Doucette et Le fonds de secours aux travailleurs de restauration de Montréal!  Apprenez des histoires d’échecs de nos experts et entrepreneurs James Gramham-Simpkins [Liverpool House, Mckiernan], Charles Bierbrier [Bierbrier], Jo Notkin [Zoe Ford], Ravi Anand [AtmaLe 409], et Joanna Fox [Montreal Gazette].

Thursday May 28th at 7pm let’s raise funds in solidarity with Kaitlin Doucette of the Montreal Restaurant Workers Relief Fund!  Enjoy failure storytelling by local entrepreneurs and experts James Gramham-Simpkins [Liverpool House, Mckiernan], Charles Bierbrier [Bierbrier], Jo Notkin [Zoe Ford], Ravi Anand [AtmaLe 409], and Joanna Fox [Montreal Gazette].


L’objectif du fonds de secours aux travailleurs de restauration de Montréal (« le Fonds ») est d’offrir une aide économique d’urgence aux employés des restaurants, bars et cafés qui font face à une perte de revenu due au COVID-19. Le Fonds apportera une aide financière directe aux demandeurs éligibles.

Les restaurants, bars et cafés ferment partout dans Montréal pour s’assurer de garder une distance sociale et aplanir la courbe. Les propriétaires et opérateurs de ces établissements n’ont plus les ressources nécessaires pour continuer à payer leurs employés et se verront dans l’obligations de se libérer de leur force de travail indéfiniment.

Si vous en avez les moyens, pensez à faire un contribution. Peu importe le montant car chaque dollar compte. Peut-être ce que vous dépensez normalement en pourboire dans une semaine!

The aim of the Montreal Restaurant Workers Relief Fund (MRWRF) is to provide emergency economic relief to restaurant employees who are facing economic hardship due to COVID-19. MRWRF will provide aid by transferring direct financial relief to eligible applicants.

Restaurants, bars and cafes are closing all over the city as we do our best to exercise social distancing and flatten the curve. The operators and owners of these establishments do not have the resources to continue paying their employees during this time and have been forced to lay off much of their workforce indefinitely.

If you have the means, please consider contributing what you can, or what you’d normally spend on restaurant tips for an average week. Every dollar helps!

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